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Fronz from ATTILA!!! Showing his Love for trees! Come Join the Movement!!!!!! @treelife@10tothetenthpowerpromos

Fronz from ATTILA!!!
Showing his Love for trees!
Come Join the Movement!!!!!!

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About @treelife!!!!!

We are TREE LIFE, a one-for-one company providing amazing apparel for an amazing cause. For every one item you purchase, one tree is planted here in America! We offer the freshest new street wear style of clothing and hats for an incredibly affordable price. By being fair to our customers, we are making it easier than ever to support the environment and make a difference in a world where trees are disappearing faster than they can be replanted!

 Support Tree Life by purchasing a new T-Shirt or Snapback! You can keep up to date with our ventures through our “blog” section, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us!ihearttr33s@gmail.com


Thank you for supporting the cause! Sincerely,

Tree Life

Happy #Treetuesday from Tree Life!


5 Steps to Going to Sleep Happy Every Night

Originally posted on The Happsters:

5 steps to going to sleep happy every night

I’ve never been one to be especially “moody”, but just like everyone else there are times when I used to not be able to sleep because of a bad grade in school or something a friend said to me. One day I realized it wasn’t what was happening to me, it was how I was reacting to it. I decided to take control of my own happiness, rather than leaving my fate in the hands of my friend or teacher. Since then, I made the conscious decision to make sure I go to sleep happy every night. Here are my 5 steps to going to sleep happy:

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Hardwired-MA-USA-Hard Rock/Metal-10tothetenthpowerpromos



Hardwire Band-Massachusetts-Rock-Metal-10tothetenthpowerpromos

Hardwired-MA-USA-Hard Rock/Metal-10tothetenthpowerpromos


http://www.youtube.com/user/hardwiredrock-Youtube-Music Videos!


Hardwire is an original Hard Rock & Metal band from The South Shore, MA!

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Musicians,Artists,Models,Small business,ETC!

Sean M. O’Rourke

ESCAPE FROM JESUS ISLAND-Walking Dead-On Crack-10tothetenthpowerpromos-3.14E10


An attempt to clone Jesus eventually succeeds, but in the process creates scores of hideously deformed freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Damien. When the Vatican hears of Christ’s return and sends in an extraction team, all Hell breaks loose.http://jesusisland.com/
All i know is this is Like Walking Dead to the tenth POWER! I cant wait! I know this Series will be a hit!
I give it a 10 Star rating and I cant wait to see what the future brings!!!!!
Life is Great!!!!!



Eye of Anubis-Toms River,NJ
BrAin MeltinG!
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Eye of Anubis is a melodic death metal monster from Toms River, NJ.
The Bio!!!!!!!!

Eye of Anubis was formed by Drummer Jeff Rosario and Guitarist Robert Babcock in 2010. They pulled together a group of ambitious individuals whose soul intention was to create metal, rock shows, and above all, have fun while doing it. While combining Jeff’s versatile grooves, Rob merciless riffs, and Eugene’s dynamic vocals, they create an ear popping, ass slapping sound that is unheard of in the NJ area.


Eye of Anubis, spawn of hellish sound, the birth of decadence through cutting guitar riff, crushing drum, and merciless vocals…

Band Interests

MeLtInG FaceS!

Artists We Also Like

Anyone who supports Metal locally & Globally….

Jeff Rosario-Drums
 Rob Babcock – Guitars
 John Dynarski- Guitars
Gene Pistilli- Vocals
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