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Welcome to Tenth Power ComiX! Here you can find new Comic Artists,up and coming comic book series and so much more!!! Here we have the new EPIC comic Series created by Christian Espiritusanto, Warriors Amongst Realms!!!

Three Men Received Mystical Powers from another Realm to protect our world from an Evil warlord Threatening to Destroy it! It has begun….PREPARE for W.A.R!!
WAR battle scene


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The Classic Edition™ by UNiQ Cycle Sounds® is the original handlebar mount motorcycle speaker system offering 300 watts of crisp, clear sound at highway speeds & beyond! This self install waterproof speaker kit easily mounts to the handlebars or highway bars of your cruiser style Harley-Davidson®, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Victory, Triumph and more.

Waterproof Pioneer™ speakers are paired with a 300 watt mini motorcycle amplifier for great audio output and clarity at any speed!  Crank out the tunes with any audio device by plugging directly in to headphone jack of any audio device (iPods, iPhones, Galaxy, Android, Satellite and more).  Use the included wheel dial volume controller and your audio device or add-on our Bluetooth controller for wireless functionality and control.

The Classic Edition system is proudly built in the USA using high quality steel housings in triple plate chrome finish.

Controller: Inline volume controller (or add-on a Bluetooth controller)
Sources: Aux-in (iPhone, Android, iPod, MP3, Sirius, etc.)
Wattage: 300 Watts of peak handling power
Current Draw: 4A Avg | 8A Max
Impedance: 4-Ohm
Amplifier dimensions (HxWxL): 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 4″
Speaker/housing dimensions: 4.75″ diameter x 3″ depth
Adjustments: Crossover Switch and Gain Controls
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

The Classic Edition!

The Ultimate Harley Davidson Saddlebag Mounting Hardware!

Motorcycle Saddlebag Mounting System!
Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Bolts!!
Saddlebag Theft Protection!!
Installs in Minutes!!!!


Meet Pray Manticore! I love This band! So heavy with a Female lead singer with one Badass Voice! All the way from France! I had the honor to speak with Lily on the phone and She is One Awesome Lady! Check out the Video for AGONISE!

To keep up to date with the Manticore Stop on by the Facebook Page-

This is one band that needs to be heard around the WORLD!!!!

To download the EP Visit-

Hope you Enjoy and Stay tuned for more!!!!

Check out more from Pray Manticore One the Heaviest Female Fronted Metal Bands out of France Here-

Pray Manticore One the Heaviest Female Fronted Metal Bands out of France Here-

Sean M O’Rourke

10 to the tenth POWER promotions

Mike LePond – Bass.
Metal Mike Chlasciak – Guitars.
Michael Romeo – Guitars, Keyboards, Drums.
Alan Tecchio – Vocals.
Michael Pinnella – Vocals (backing)

Stop on by our Facebook Page and Keep up with Us! Feel free to Comment and Network with Locals from around the World!!!

Mike Leponds Assassins Guild!

To Grab the Album and Merch Visit-

If Anyone has any questions on Anything Feel Free to Ask us anything! Just Visit us on Facebook and send a Message or Comment on a post and Well be glad to answer any Questions you may have about this Herb!

Click her to like Thunder God Vine on Facebook!

We Look Forward to Hearing From you!

To Purchase now Visit-

To Get a Quote for your next project feel free to contact!

Hope Everyone has a Beautiful day!!!!!

To learn more visit-

Speaking for the unheard, forgotten and common folk of this world; Blooded the Brave understands the importance of his words as he uses them to strike an accord within the hearts of men and women everywhere.

Born full-blooded Irish, this M.C. has been recording, releasing and performing since 2001. Performing regionally, Blooded the Brave has taken his music to several different cities to reach the people with his heart-felt message.

“The stage is my home,” say’s the passionate rapper who commands the stage with passion and energy. His music can cross hip hop genres and category’s as his influences were everything from Kid N’ Play to Chuck D.

Something for everybody can be found in his music, but it’s in the message that matters to this ever excited M.C. “We are all in this world together, and that is how we can overcome, achieve and accomplish what we want; together.”

I love this Album and all the Music Blooded the Brave makes! I feel it in my soul!

Check out this Video, its about the current Police state that we are all living in, Man Down is the name and this shit needs to change, Quit turning the blind eye, How many more lives must be sacrificed for people to wake up? Its us against Them…

This Album is Amazing!!! Mike is Amazing!!! With Brutal Bass solos, Epic Vocals, Every song is a Mental Crusade!!!!

and now Oath of Honor!!!! Turn it up!!!

Check out the Update from Mike!!! He has some awesome IDEAS!!!

To Get your Silent Assasins Bundle visit below! Dont forget to share your Metal Selfie on the Fanpage!!!

Stay tuned for so much more!!!! This is EPIC!!!! Mike LePond on Tenth Power Radio???

You will have to stay tuned!!! One Love Every One and now here os the latest interview with Mike!

I remember the First time i heard Auxilia, I was an Instant Fan!!! These Brothers Bring the Energy and the Heavy!!

Dont believe me? Well take a Listen!!!!

Now do you Believe me?

For more Auxilia check out their Soundcloud!!!

At Tenth Power Radio/Shattered Sounds Radio were always Jamming some AxA!!!

Hope you Enjoyed!!!!!

Your Brodude,

Sean M O’Rourke

** “THE WRAETH OF KARMA” (DANGER ZONE) *spelled W*Raet*h for a reason…
*This is a song I wrote as a WARNING to all CHILD abusers… (pedophiles, ect…)
Created this video awhile back and decided to finally share it with all of you today…
The video is VERY SIMPLE… but the message is VERY CLEAR…
*F.Y.I.: 1) EXPLICIT LYRICS towards end of song… 2) NOT FOR THE FAINT OR WEAK MINDED… 3) Please share so that this important message gets out to the masses… and so that THEY may all be aware that they are being watched… THANK YOU…
The Wraeth of Karma by Lady Jemini:
*Track produced by Vann Franklin aka Shotgun Bang…

For more Lady J infinite Videos here a nice Playlist!!!

Sometimes the TRUTH hurts but once you accept it its Liberating!

Walk as One!

Too keep up with everything Lady J is Up to stop on by the Facebook!!!!

Lady J Infinite on Facebook!

PS-To hear even More Lady J Infinite visit-

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Meet My Brother in Cryptic Veil!!! My Bro Jeff Layton’s Band! Let me Start of By saying Jeff Layton is one good Bro, We have eachothers back when it comes to Harmonic Networking!!!   Cryptic Veil is a hard rock/metal band. We enjoy delving into the forbidden… religious objections. theory of all things.consciousness… divinity in hell! Jeff Layton also is a big music Promoter and Booking agent out in the Texas Area!! Check out Blood Gore Promotions!!!

Now for the First of Many Videos from Cryptic Veil!!!!

Keep Loud,Keep it Heavy, Keep Spreading Love!!!

Click here for Everything Cryptic Veil!!

Your Bro,

Sean M O’Rourke

Tenth Power NetworX- A network for the Locals of the WORLD!


Right now is the time we need to remember that we all bleed red, we all feel, we all love, we all care! No matter what color skin, faith, or background there is one thing we all have in common and that is our blood, its RED!
It’s what’s on the inside that counts! We are all matter there for we all matter!
Everyone Profits from Peace except for the Elites, the rulers, the Demons.
One love World! Share this to remind people! One man can’t change the world over night but We can!

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Brought together in late 2013, Bohemian Grove are a Deathcore/Electronic behemoth.

With a set of blistering EP’s and a reputation for relentless live performances, prepare for breakdown induced death.

Hopefully soon we can bring em to the states!



VVVVVTune in for more new local Music from around the world hereVVVVV



To Represent The Grove visit

Ok one more Video but then you have to search for the rest!!!

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Tune in to the Most Recent Tenth POWER radio variety show hosted by the One and Only DJ KooL WhIp!

Local Metal,Hip hop and More from around the World!!!

For Music Videos Check out our Playlist!!! Updated daily with new music from all over the place!!!

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Click the Link to RSVP!!!! Its gonna be one Face melting Fathers Day!!!!!

Tune In by just hitting PLAY!!!! Feel Free to Browse around and Enjoy the Local JamZ!!!

POWER to the LOCALS of the WORLD!!!! Stop on by and join the CREW!

Just another Useless WEED they tell US!
Here is how we must look at it, We were taught that Weeds are bad, But we were never taught to look into them! It was just as simple as that, Weeds are bad so lets kill them…. Lets kill them with Poison…. But wait where does the poison go after you spray it? O yeah in our Ground and Drinking water supply… Whats even in that POISON any way and what effects does it have on our WORLD and BODIES? Thats the one Question we never asked before spraying these poisons… #YOUbettaThink

Check out the benefits of Bamboo tea and the its Powerful Metal chelation properties!!!


Spread the Knowledge!!! We are hear to learn and teach one another!!

and Remember…..

Everyone Profits from PEACE!!!

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Plantain, the amazing herb/weed growing in your yard!

Plantain is a weed to most people: It iscommon in most yards & can be used in your natural medicine thiscabinet, & this post will discuss some of the many ways to use plantain.not

To pin this blog post on Pinterest.

Make sure to check out my second blog post on Plantain – A DIY Life: Picking Plantain – Part 2 Harvesting Psyllium

Check out The Homestead Survival website here, they shared this post on Plantain.

Not a fruit plant:The plant I am referring to in this blog is not the banana fruit like plantains & not the fruit plantains leaves either. The plantain I am referring to is a green plant that grows in your yard with green leaves, many refer to it as a common weed, so now I hope we have that straight. Check out the 2 photos…

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All right everyone, It has been a little over 2 years now of Bringing the HARMONY!!! The Harmony has been brought!!! Tenth POWER networX a Network for the People! Tenth Power NetworX is the Offspring of 10 to the tenth Power and Harmonic networking! You see i made this for US , to spread the GOOD of the world! Theres alot of it, but you wont hear about it since the MSM keeps US in a Constant state of PANIC, I built this network for all the Hardworking Locals of the WORLD, The Builders,the musicians,the artists of many sorts, the beauty of LIFE! We all know that life is PI right? Peace is to PIECE as PI is to PIE and everything living thing is a small SLICE, but when we come together we become a PIE or the CIrcle of LIFE?  The infinite PI! The YOUniverse!

This Board is compiled of Local Music Videos and More! If your ever Board just stop by this Board! Updated daily! Watch videos and each video has the Facebook link in it! So if you enjoy, Stop by and show your Support! Enjoy Everyone! For more visit us here~

keene and sons

Keene & Sons Home Improvement, LLC is a family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured, professional home improvement company located in Central New Jersey. We specialize in bathroom & kitchen remodeling, custom tile work, decks/patios, custom moldings, hardwood floor installation, window installation and so much more! K&S can take your project from start to finish! We offer free local estimates and a 1 year guarantee on all completed work. Call now for your no obligation, free estimate! 732-300-7028

Like Us on Facebook to view examples of our work!

Home Improvement Services include:

  • Kitchens
  • Baths
  • Doors and Windows
  • Drywall
  • Finished basements
  • Interior Painting
  • Custom Tile Work
  • Property Maintenance
  • Custom Molding

And so much More!!!




An attempt to clone Jesus eventually succeeds, but in the process creates scores of hideously deformed freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Damien. When the Vatican hears of Christ’s return and sends in an extraction team, all Hell breaks loose.
All i know is this is Like Walking Dead to the tenth POWER! I cant wait! I know this Series will be a hit!
I give it a 10 Star rating and I cant wait to see what the future brings!!!!!
Life is Great!!!!!

Eye of Anubis-Toms River,NJ
BrAin MeltinG!
10 to the tenth POWER promotions

Eye of Anubis is a melodic death metal monster from Toms River, NJ.
The Bio!!!!!!!!

Eye of Anubis was formed by Drummer Jeff Rosario and Guitarist Robert Babcock in 2010. They pulled together a group of ambitious individuals whose soul intention was to create metal, rock shows, and above all, have fun while doing it. While combining Jeff’s versatile grooves, Rob merciless riffs, and Eugene’s dynamic vocals, they create an ear popping, ass slapping sound that is unheard of in the NJ area.


Eye of Anubis, spawn of hellish sound, the birth of decadence through cutting guitar riff, crushing drum, and merciless vocals…

Band Interests

MeLtInG FaceS!

Artists We Also Like

Anyone who supports Metal locally & Globally….

Jeff Rosario-Drums
 Rob Babcock – Guitars
 John Dynarski- Guitars
Gene Pistilli- Vocals
Click this link to Melt your Brain!
Like Em up on Facebook!
Also For more Awesome Local but Worldwide Music,Art,Business,And More!Like Us:
Writeen By The Creator of 10tothetenthpowerpromos!
Sean M. O’Rourke

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Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

If you enjoy handmade jewelry, check out Miimogenation on Etsy!

She makes and sells mystical handmade jewelry, accessories & home décor! Check out this beautiful pendant!!!

And there is also an Amazing sale going on at her shop!!! Save on all her wonderful creations!!!

Have an Awesome Thanksgiving everyone and remember to Keep Calm and Support Each other!!! For more Etsy Awesome stop on by Etsy Nation!

Tune in to Her Youtube channel to Create with Miimogenation!!

Here is one more beautiful piece from Imogen! Be sure to follow…

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Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

oriole jewelry

Im in love with the Magnificent creations from OrioleJewelry on Etsy! She creates amazing wire wrapped pendants,Jewelry and More!!

Check out this one!

Every Piece is Unique and Magical!!!

Im always looking forward to seeing her next creation!!

So many new items listed at the shop!! Just in time for the holiday season!!

Hope All is Awesome everyone!! And to Discover more…

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Looking to sell your Electronic Scrap and old Computers?
Conway Surplus and Salvage will buy it from you!
Servicing – NJ,NY,PA,CT,RI,MA,

Visit for more awesome #Taxidermy!

Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

If you enjoy Taxidermy check out BrainFever:Artwork by Sammi

Sammi is an  illustration major who got into taxidermy and bone art thru her love of the dark and macabre! She started collecting skulls and other bone pieces while she was in high school, while in high school she learned how to clean skulls and slowly learned how to do taxidermy! 

She started doing small punk rock flea markets around New Jersey and Pennsylvania about 6 or 7 years ago! Shes always looking for new shows that’s are up and coming! To contact Sammi for shows send…

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Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

Check out Mindful Market, they just launched their indiegogo campaign!

Mindful Market is a heart-centered marketplace that effortlessly connects you with products and services in alignment with your core values!


Have an Awesome day Everyone!

Your Brodude,

Sean Brodudeman at Harmonic Networking!


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If you enjoyed Ray Harperspective feel free to find him on all major social media platforms!!!

Ray Harperspective on Instagram!

Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

ray harperspective 3

Ray “Harperpective” is a flow artist, fire spinner & dancer  based out of Colorado! He mostly fuses Buugeng with musicality, Hip-hop & tribal-fusion dancing! Ever since i discovered Ray Harperspective i make sure to always check out his new content! It so unique and he’s always collabing with someone!!!

Check out this video infused with FLOW,Art and Good Tunes!!!

I really enjoy watching Rays performances!!!

Check out this one from Electric Forest 2019!!!

If you enjoyed Ray Harperspective feel free to find him on all major social media platforms!!!

Ray Harperspective on Instagram!

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Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

imageedit_7_5510380756I love the Mosaic Masterpieces created by Pieces of Home Mosaics!!!

Like this Awesome Gene Simmons custom order!!!!

I Love all of her creations!! Here we have the Mosaic Butterfly Garden!!!

This is one of my favorites! The Native American Chief!

Hope all is Awesome Everyone!!! For more Etsy Awesome Stop on by Etsy Nation!!

Your Brodude,

Sean Brodudeman at Harmonic Networking!!!

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Gotta love R-Age Nation!!!  I have been keeping up with this Brand for years now! They Started on ETSY and now have an amazing website that also allows you to become an affiliate!! R-Age Nation was created to make the world a better place, a  world where people have the freedom to express who they are, who feel connected to one another & the earth, and are empowered through that expression! And to bring awareness to our ONENESS!!! 

Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

Gotta love R-Age Nation!!!  I have been keeping up with this Brand for years now! They Started on ETSY and now have an amazing website that also allows you to become an affiliate!! R-Age Nation was created to make the world a better place, a  world where people have the freedom to express who they are, who feel connected to one another & the earth, and are empowered through that expression! And to bring awareness to our ONENESS!!! 

Check out some amazing clothing they offer, each with an amazing message!!! 

Love this Stoic Tank Top!!!

stoic t shirt r-age nation

R-Age NAtion also offers Home Decor!!!! 

crystal alchemy canvasHere we have the Crystal Alchemy Canvas!!! 

So much awesome over at R-Age Nation!!!…

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#Love Zama Design!!!

zamma spidey

Harmonic Networking est 2013 - Your Home for new Music,Art and more!

zama design logo
 Zama Design located in Fort Collins Colorado, delivering beautiful glass right to your door! 
We have so much beautiful glass to share with you! A collection of hand-blown    glass from a great group of talented artists is presented here for your shopping  fun! Every piece is original art, and is created in America, of course! 
Stop on by the Fanpage to stay posted on all the awesome glass creations from Zama Design! 
Check out all the differentPipes from Zama Design! 
zamma spidey
Love these new Wood-Look Glass Pipes!!! So amazing!!! 
wood look zama
I can go on for days about how beautiful the glass is from zama design!! So here is one more! 
These Color changing fumed spons are available here!!! 
color changing zama

Have a Beautiful weekend everyone!! And if you enjoyed this post feel free to share it, every share…

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ShungiteOne Fall in Love sale – Save 10% or more!!! -Shungite Products

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