Hey Everyone! My name is Sean O’Rourke and I had this IDEA? The other day! I hope your ready for this IDEA……

First make a you tube account and channel
Then upload a video of yourself and talk about things that you enjoy! EX: Bands,Music, Instruments, Animals, you get it!! Make sure it is between 1-3 minutes long!
Next Find 10 people that will share your video and subscribe to your channel using Facebook,Twitter,Myspace, and all the other social networks for that matter! Now in your video edit it using the handy video editor you tube provides! Use speech bubbles or notations to advertise your website,band,business anything really! Also you can write home remedies for the flu, or healthy living tips! Now here is where it gets interesting??? Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Well find 1 or 10 affiliate marketing companies that you can sign up to be an affiliate for free! How it works is once you sign up you will receive your own affiliate web address! Add these addresses to your notation bubbles in your you tube video! The way these programs work is they pay you a percentage of sales or affiliate registrations that go through your link! Here are 3 examples:

http://www.000webhost.com/680549.html-That’s my link
http://coconutmagic1.worldsecuresystems.com/AP.aspx?ID=802&EID=42488218-That’s my link
http://secure.hostgator.com/%7Eaffiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=tanner1215-That’s my link

Go get yours now! Now once you have your affiliate links emailed to you, Add them to your video notations with a brief description of each link! This way your not haggling anyone and your still advertising!

In your you tube video, be sure to introduce yourself and which state and country you reside in! Then just make sure to smile and laugh and spread positivity! Smiles are contagious!
Now after your video is published through you tube and you have done everything you wanted to it! Post it too Your social network and write share for share and let it be known that you will be sure to share at least 10 different peoples videos! Now if you do the math it goes like this:
Your video shared and subscribed x 10 + You share and subscribe 10videos do this everyday for 10 days! Make sure you share and subscribe a different peoples videos everyday!

Now here is where we can all benefit from this1
First You know you can get paid from you tube right? I did a little searching and I found out that you can actually be contacted after a thousand views by a company to advertise on your video before it plays! I mean it’s a little money but the more views the more money! Now do you remember the affiliate sites? Well This is where they kick in! The more views you have the more money you can potentially earn!

With this program that I call my IDEA? We could establish financial security along with spreading the peace, ending that hate! The Viral spreading of useful knowledge, helping each other and everyone around us, Network with the world! Help advertise for companies big and small! I can go on for day’s! So what are you waiting for? Email-bassdude1215@gmail.com

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  2. Reblogged this on 10 to the tenth POWER! and commented:

    Hello Everyone! I am having a GREAT day! How is everyone else? Hope all is well! I would love to hear from you! Remember to HARMONIC NETWORKING! If we all worked to together and stopped trying to 1 up another in this SOCIETY! We can genrate success and PEACE WORLD WIDE! This is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Keep SMILING and stay positive! Love everyone! Share,Subscribe Repost!
    Here is a friend of mine Dave Brennen-he is a PRODUCER,WRITER,MIXER,PERFORMER! Check out Dave Brennan RECORDER PRODUCER MIXER PERFORMER! Representing NJ!
    10 to the tenth POWER!
    He is coming aboard 10 to the tenth POWER! Woohoo! Give him some LOVE! Comments are welcome too but only if there POSITIVE! YA DIG!
    Sean O’Rourke
    10 to the tenth POWER!


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