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Harmonic Networking!!/pages/Far-Beyond-Fiberglass/161508763867172?fref=ts
This is a video teaser for Billy Madden at Far Beyond Fiberglass! Keep watching for more! Here Billy fabricated a box to be put on a roof for all the electrical lines to the porch for speakers,Juccuzi, and whatever else they would like to add! He then Fiberglasses it to Seal and water proof it! Next we just have to wait till it dries to grind it down to a perfectly smooth finish! All I can say Is Billy is a Fiberglassing Master and he is also an awesome DuDE! Please LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE! Until nextime BRO’s and BROETTE’s! Stay BEAUTIFUL!!/pages/Far-Beyond-Fiberglass/161508763867172?fref=ts


       Hello WORLD! My IDEA is becoming ALOT more than just an IDEA! I am networking with so many people! This is so FUN! I am working with Anamaria Delvalle at THE ELITE TEAM REALTY and she is so AWESOME! She loves what i have done for her! Check out her YOUTUBE page! Also I am working with Billy Madden at FAR BEYOND FIBERGLASS! Fiberglassing is a very interesting Thing! What I enjoy most about this is MEETING all KINDS of PEOPLE and Helping smaller businesses help to advertise without having to spend THOUSANDS a year! More great things are in store for us! The best part about this is ANYONE ccan be a part of 10 to the tenth POWER! I BUILT a name, and now anyone who wants to work with me can use it! Check us out on GOOGLE Videos! I took the PYRAMID and flipped it upside DOWN! Feel Free to like us on facebook at 10 to the tenth POWER! It’s going to be our sharing PLATFORM! I look forward to TALKING TO EVERYONE! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Sean O’Rourke

10 to the tenth POWER! PROMOTIONS! (more…)