This Album is Amazing!!! Mike is Amazing!!! With Brutal Bass solos, Epic Vocals, Every song is a Mental Crusade!!!!

and now Oath of Honor!!!! Turn it up!!!

Check out the Update from Mike!!! He has some awesome IDEAS!!!

To Get your Silent Assasins Bundle visit below! Dont forget to share your Metal Selfie on the Fanpage!!!

Stay tuned for so much more!!!! This is EPIC!!!! Mike LePond on Tenth Power Radio???

You will have to stay tuned!!! One Love Every One and now here os the latest interview with Mike!

  1. Kelly Bakr says:

    Mike is a very talented and a very dedicated musician!! He wrote everything. .the music..the words….With some amazing friends, his CD was brought to life!!
    Get your copy today and blast it loud and proud… Take advantage of the bundle deal….When you get your shirt, take a picture and post it to The Silent Assassins Facebook page or to Mike LePond’s page.
    Join me in the Silent Assassins Guild today!!!

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  2. Anita says:

    I love Mike Lepond and SA they are truly fantastic power metal and if you love JP and Symphony X you will love them

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