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Tenth Power NetworX~ A Network for Locals!

Blood stripe the Marine is a Comic adventure of One Marine Bloodstripe and his mission to Save the World!

Five years from now, the war on terror rages as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and it’s Allies close in on a 95 Billion dollar contract with DYER WEAPONS INC to begin the Drone Defense Initiative to combat the terrorists and their newest weapon a biological virus. N.E.O.W. VIRUS

Armed with the deadly virus, terrorists have taken the war to our streets. Led by a shadowy figure known only as the Laughing Man; the only thing standing in their way is the Marine called Bloodstripe.

Meet Bloodstripe!

BloodStripe VS The Zombies!

Stay tuned for more!!!!

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Cost to be the Boss by Ace feat Lady J Infinite (Jennifer Gibson) and Hersh
Music Production by DJ Naydee, Julian Baker, and Professor D.
Video Remix by Jamal Belica/A.E.M.G.
Feat. Jahta DreadLuv & Primitive
RKY Films & A.E.M.G. Collaboration
Directed By Dominga Luna
Hijacked Media Film/Ace Knight 2015
Agron “Ace” Belica:

I love me some #TME!!!


Tragic Loccsta is an American rap recording/performing artist from Minneapolis Minnesota (by way of Chicago, Ill). He is 1/2 of the rap duo LOCO DRAMA with his childhood friend Heat Loc A.K.A Charlie Barz. Tragic is also co-founder of the Independent label Tragic Music Entertainment. The artist under the T.M.E label are Dank Nitty, Dubb, Cel Millionz, Og Monk, Top$shelf & Tragic Loccsta himself. Dealing with producers from all over the country, they are set to bring some more flavor to the table of the Minnesota rap/hip-hop scene. As of late T.M.E has been getting back into the swing of things by performing at clubs in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area. Planning to take their sound/style nationwide they’re prepping two solo projects Tragic Loccstas’ “OverDue” album & “The Compilation” Keeping rap/ hip-hop in it’s purest form the two artist stick to real life situations, story telling & thought…

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Speaking for the unheard, forgotten and common folk of this world; Blooded the Brave understands the importance of his words as he uses them to strike an accord within the hearts of men and women everywhere.

Born full-blooded Irish, this M.C. has been recording, releasing and performing since 2001. Performing regionally, Blooded the Brave has taken his music to several different cities to reach the people with his heart-felt message.

“The stage is my home,” say’s the passionate rapper who commands the stage with passion and energy. His music can cross hip hop genres and category’s as his influences were everything from Kid N’ Play to Chuck D.

Something for everybody can be found in his music, but it’s in the message that matters to this ever excited M.C. “We are all in this world together, and that is how we can overcome, achieve and accomplish what we want; together.”

I love this Album and all the Music Blooded the Brave makes! I feel it in my soul!

Check out this Video, its about the current Police state that we are all living in, Man Down is the name and this shit needs to change, Quit turning the blind eye, How many more lives must be sacrificed for people to wake up? Its us against Them…