First, We Are Earthlings

Posted: April 8, 2019 in Uncategorized



earth_0 photo courtesy NASA

We are all Earthlings.

Before we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, we are Earthlings.
Before we are black, brown, pink, beige or chocolate, we are Earthlings.

Before we are Canadian, Venezuelan, Polish, Turkish, Chinese or Kenyan, we are Earthlings.
We are all Earthlings, whether or not we are fathers, grandmothers, aunts, twins, or children.
We are all Earthlings whether we are dogs, elephants, butterflies, oak trees, amoebas or human.

It will not matter one bit, if you are the founder of a record company, homeless, talented, a president or a veteran of the Iraq War,

When the balance of life tips away from the ability to sustain carbon-based organisms- like you and me and the giant sequoias.

When the balance of the cycles of the Earth are broken,

even if you are a factory worker, a political analyst, a lawyer, a medical student, a craft…

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