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Shungite Bar Soap (LAUGHING BUDDAH)

Shungite Bar Soap LAUGHING BUDDAH BAR. World’s FIRST Artisan Shungite infused bar soaps. SHUNGITEONE SIGNATURE BLEND: Made with an all natural SWEET HONEY moisturizing base Plus a powerful infusion of PURE SHUNGITE and NANO-SILVER. A Harmonious blend of FRANKINCENSE, MYRHH and YLANG-YLANG OIL’S and a touch of dried crushed LAVENDER FLOWER!



shungite grounding inserts

FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN Available in Sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE We will customize these to fit any shoe size. Also available in KIDS and TODDLERS sizes as well. SEND A NOTE WITH YOUR ORDER AND SPECIFY SHOE SIZE. ONLY AVAILABLE FROM SHUNGITEONE Using a very durable Housing for OUR Shungite Mineral Blend to create a valuable aid for people who are on their feet all day. The problem now a days is, that we constantly have a rubber sole between our feet and the earth. This will not allow us to “ground”. It has been widely recommended to “ground” often for a noticeable improvement to our overall well being. These SHUNGITE filled shoe inserts will allow you to constantly have you feet energized with the powerful grounding and stimulating effect on your Bio-Energetic field. Highly recommended for ALL AGES. To buy now visit the Shop!

All right everyone, It has been a little over 2 years now of Bringing the HARMONY!!! The Harmony has been brought!!! Tenth POWER networX a Network for the People! Tenth Power NetworX is the Offspring of 10 to the tenth Power and Harmonic networking! You see i made this for US , to spread the GOOD of the world! Theres alot of it, but you wont hear about it since the MSM keeps US in a Constant state of PANIC, I built this network for all the Hardworking Locals of the WORLD, The Builders,the musicians,the artists of many sorts, the beauty of LIFE! We all know that life is PI right? Peace is to PIECE as PI is to PIE and everything living thing is a small SLICE, but when we come together we become a PIE or the CIrcle of LIFE?  The infinite PI! The YOUniverse!