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Immortal Prints on Facebook! Immortal Prints is offering an amazing deal on T-Shirts! 50 shirts, 1 color design,1 location for $5 dollars each!! Now is the time to get your merch and apparel for all the spring and summer events going on!! Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for your time!! To learn more visit!!


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Payge Blog

We’re pretty explicit about our mission at Payge. We think creators of all types – comedians, artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers and performers – deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their creative contributions. We’re not big fans of social networks turning others’ creativity into their ad revenue. We want to give fans the opportunity to interact and say thanks directly.

There are a few platforms for recurring, membership-based creative sponsorship. Patreon is the 800 lb gorilla, but existing platforms like Facebook are starting to sniff around the edges. In those models, creators who are committed to building their membership business through recurring, episodic and tier-based offerings enable their strongest fans to support them monthly or each time a new ‘release’ happens (for instance each new chapter in a book or new podcast).

We see recurring sponsorship as just the tip of the iceberg in how fans want to…

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Loving this Platform! So many awesome features!!!!


via What we stand for at Payge. Some notes on purpose, intent and mission.

First, We Are Earthlings

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earth_0 photo courtesy NASA

We are all Earthlings.

Before we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, we are Earthlings.
Before we are black, brown, pink, beige or chocolate, we are Earthlings.

Before we are Canadian, Venezuelan, Polish, Turkish, Chinese or Kenyan, we are Earthlings.
We are all Earthlings, whether or not we are fathers, grandmothers, aunts, twins, or children.
We are all Earthlings whether we are dogs, elephants, butterflies, oak trees, amoebas or human.

It will not matter one bit, if you are the founder of a record company, homeless, talented, a president or a veteran of the Iraq War,

When the balance of life tips away from the ability to sustain carbon-based organisms- like you and me and the giant sequoias.

When the balance of the cycles of the Earth are broken,

even if you are a factory worker, a political analyst, a lawyer, a medical student, a craft…

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Our Common Collapse is a Progressive Metal Band out of the Minnesota area!!!
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Man Made God


Love Jammin Man Made God! Also be sure to check out the EP Prima Materia!!!


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Featured Image -- 1958

Rachel Appleton, NJ Journalist

inspireartgallery3 Visit Inspire Art Gallery in Dunellen, NJ

By: Rachel Appleton

May 30, 2018, DUNELLEN, NJ: During Memorial Day Weekend 2018, Inspire Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time and I had the opportunity to interview Hal Vandermark, Veteran, artist, art curator, and manager of the newly opened Gallery.

Inspire Art Gallery, located at 129 N Washington Avenue in Dunellen, opened to the public on Friday, May 25. The first show consisted of impressive art from the Dunellen High School spring collection. Art on display composed of landscapes, portraits, abstract, and realism paintings.

The spacious and well-designed location will serve the public as an art gallery, an educational & creative art makerspace, and a hub for community development.

Inspire Art Gallery will offer paint classes, monthly art exhibits, and a rentable space for artists and businesses.

Vandermark is looking to attract veterans and students to the gallery, in hopes…

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Follow the Cipher is the first, self-titled,  album of the Swedish band Follow the Cipher. The release of the album was 11th of May. The 5 band members released 11 tracks on this album. And before releasing a few of them were already available, so the public had the opportunity to listen and “made up their mind” about this band and the music.

And talking about their kind of music, it’s not so easy to do. Sure Follow the Cipher is a metal band, but which kind of metal? I don’t know. I’ve listened to them a lot but I still don’t know. Sometimes I think power metal, but I hear also symphonic parts, guitar riffs and bombastic parts like you hear by bands like Sabaton. So I made the decision  , I just call it CIPHER METAL. And I think it is.

It’s a…

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