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Welcome to Momma’s Goden, A place to Share and meet Gardeners from around the World! I made this page for my Mom to capture the Beauty of her Art, So i figured why not have everyone share there Art!!! If you have A Garden with Bodacious Blooms, Feel Free to Post them to the page!!! We Love to share the Beauty of What Mother Earth Provides!

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Angels Playpen Magazine-10 to the tenth POWER!-By Sean M.O’Rourke.


Lyrics and vocals, vocals and lyrics… Working on new ideas, blooming in the autumn and winter months. I hope. Usually coming up with ideas while driving (my “quiet” time) or holed up in my little closet. Here I climb dangerous mountains, braving altitudes that almost cause me to lose consciousness. Then I’m off again navigating perilous seas, making friends before evaporating into clouds of great height where I catch a view of the blue black ocean to the stars until I finally fall down to you. I can only dream of the depths and heights. I’m creating a suit to pass through dimensional membranes unharmed. Your input helps me build it stronger and smarter. Enjoy the sounds!