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Angry Orchard-Delicious-@10tothetenthpowerpromos

 Angry Orchard, A Delicious Apple Cider adult beverage! The artwork on the product is even Delicious! What tastes even better is when you add Fireball Whisky to the Blend! Angry Orchard is one of My all time favorite Brews! Please go down to the local Lq and try a Six pack! If they dont have it, Request it! You wont Regret it! I hope Everyone has a Great Day and Please Drink Responsibly!

Sean M O’Rourke

Creator at 10 to the tenth POWER!

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Lyrics and vocals, vocals and lyrics… Working on new ideas, blooming in the autumn and winter months. I hope. Usually coming up with ideas while driving (my “quiet” time) or holed up in my little closet. Here I climb dangerous mountains, braving altitudes that almost cause me to lose consciousness. Then I’m off again navigating perilous seas, making friends before evaporating into clouds of great height where I catch a view of the blue black ocean to the stars until I finally fall down to you. I can only dream of the depths and heights. I’m creating a suit to pass through dimensional membranes unharmed. Your input helps me build it stronger and smarter. Enjoy the sounds!